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Rev. Jeff Nesbit

Saturday, September 16th 2017

Verses: Acts 5-7

11th Hour Contemporary Service


Opening Scripture:

Acts 4:13


Picture of the Solar Eclipse



Big Truth:

Jesus gives us a "lifetime of opportunities"!



I. To Highlight the GENEROSITY of JESUS!


Acts 5:1-6

Acts 5:3-4

Acts 4:12

Matthew 6:21


II. To Highlight the LOVE of JESUS!


Matthew 22:37-40

Acts 5:12-18


A. Pray!

Acts 4:29-31


B. Unite!

Acts 5:12-13


C. Offer Jesus & the Gospel!

Acts 5:14


III. To Highlight the NAME of JESUS!


Acts 5:19-20

Acts 5:27-33

Acts 5:39-42

Acts 6:5

Acts 6:8

Acts 6:10

Acts 6:15

Acts 6:54-60

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@E11th_Hour "Devote yourself to Jesus, His Word, and prayer at Saint Mark's (Acts 6:4)."

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