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Saint Mark's is a United Methodist community of faith located in the Reservoir area of Brandon/Jackson.

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Location Info

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St. Mark's is on Grant's Ferry Road between Spillway Rd. and HWY 25 (Lakeland Drive).

If traveling from Jackson, take Lakeland Drive going north. After passing Walmart (and Hugh Ward Drive), turn left at the next redlight onto Grant's Ferry Road. There is a Burger King, Dollar General, Kroger, and Cowboy Maloney's at that intersection. After turning onto Grants Ferry Road, look for the church on the left. If you should get to Spillway, you have gone too far.

If traveling from Ridgeland, travel down Spillway Road. Pass through the Old Fanin Road and Hugh Ward intersections. After passing Hugh Ward, turn right at the next light onto Grant's Ferry Road. The church will be on the right.

Parking is located between the buildings for access to the gym and sancutary. Parking for the sanctuary and nursery suites is located adjacent to Grant's Ferry Road. There is also parking on the drive around the gym and youth building. The nursery and children's building are located in two of our other buildings. Please see the map link above.

@E11th_Hour "Devote yourself to Jesus, His Word, and prayer at Saint Mark's (Acts 6:4)."

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