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Saint Marks United Methodist Church
400 Grants Ferry Road
Brandon, Mississippi 39047

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday     8:30 - 5:00 PM (Closed for Lunch)
Friday                         8:30 -12:00 PM
Sunday                      Open for Worship and Regular Sunday Activities

(601) 992-2700

Phone (You may click on most names for a profile of the individual):
(601) 992-2131
Ext. 101    (Administrative Assistant, Delores Seward - Main Office)
Ext. 102    (Outreach and Nurture, Martha Hand)
Ext. 103    (Senior Pastor, Warren Coile)
Ext. 104    (Pastor or Worship and Music, Rev. Sandra Thomas)
Ext. 105    (Teaching Pastor) Rev. Jeff Nesbit )
Ext. 106    (Business Manager, Martha Toombs)
Ext. 107    (Nursery Suites, Lisa Iannelli
Ext. 109    (Pastor to Children & Families, Rev. Karie Sue McCaleb)
Ext. 110    (Pre School Office, Corrine Carpenter) (601) 992-2244
Ext. 111    (Business Office Assistant, Sara Meeks)
Ext. 112    (Facilities Manager, Jim Readel)
Ext. 113    (Youth Office, Jeanne Chapman) (Student Ministries) (601) 992-9554

@E11th_Hour "Devote yourself to Jesus, His Word, and prayer at Saint Mark's (Acts 6:4)."

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